Recruitment process outsourcing

Our Alton team works seamlessly within your HR management structure.
A comprehensive HR solution can manage the entire recruitment lifecycle for your professional-level staff, or you can selectively use our expertise where your business needs it most.

Stronger quality of hires

This is the main purpose and advantage of Alton. We invest our time, energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent to you. The aggregated talent stream offers a cultivated pool from which to search.

Cost reduction

Obviously one of the prime advantages of Alton is its cost effectiveness. The bottom line is we save our clients money in the long run. We can scale up and scale down their recruitment activity to match the fluctuating hiring needs of our clients. In business, to use the old adage, time is money. Every day a position that remains unfilled cost the companies. Filling vacancies fast is increases productivity and reduces the number of HR resources spent on sourcing candidates. We are ultimately measured on time to hire, the cost of hiring and quality of hire.

Talent pooling

Alton will present the client with the best people for the job. All b candidates are pooled and actively engaged with, creating a community for future hiring.

Recruitment process and assessment design

Alton will re-engineer a company’s entire recruiting process so that it is consistent across all departments. This makes it easier for management to follow progress and understand how the procedure is developing at any given time.

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