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Alton is a premier information technology services company. We deliver custom information technology and business process solutions that improve quality and reduce costs.

We explore, develop and adapt new and better ways to deliver our services. Our focus and priorities are considerably different from our  competitors. There is no one size fits all solution at Alton. Your business is   unique and so are the opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Clients select Alton as their IT recruitment and staffing provider largely on the basis of our experience, stability, competencies and focus on the IT marketplace.

We deliver the people, processes, infrastructure and technologies that companies need to effectively align IT with business objectives.

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Advantage of Alton


Alton leverages its talent acquisition best practices model to deliver higher value to its clients which in turn demonstrates a visible impact on the client’s business. Our recruiting process has evolved over the years and is flexible to adapt to the changing IT environment.


Alton adds business and IT value in a dynamic market with its robust delivery model and proven capabilities in delivering these services consistently and efficiently. Services are now closely aligned and customized to the individual customer needs. IT service providers are now being recognized as strategic partners, trusted to play an important role in their Client’s business transformation.


Alton approach to client satisfaction is based on flexibility, trust and transparency. Strong understanding of the changing market place and appropriate responses to enhance client value, sets us apart from the rest of the competition.

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